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Meditation: A Call to Evangelical Leadership

2018-11-09T11:43:01+00:00 Latest Thoughts|

As a community of Evangelical Christians, we have abdicated our role as leaders in the area of meditation.  This is especially disturbing as seekers leave the Christian faith, looking for depth and meaning elsewhere.  Meditation is one of the fastest growing areas of personal and spiritual growth.  Recent estimates suggest 10 million Americans [...]

Seven Tips for Managing Arthritis

2017-05-07T15:43:43+00:00 Featured Resource, Health And Wellness, Latest Thoughts, Resources|

Having a medical condition can make us feel powerless.  Our body stops doing what it should, and starts doing things it shouldn't.  We get frustrated when no one can fix the problem.  And underneath it all, it's scary. You can't totally control your body, that's for sure.  But more and more, research is [...]

Choose Your Day – Brief Imagery for Healthy Choices

2017-05-11T15:00:05+00:00 Guided Meditations, Health And Wellness|

Brief guided meditation and healing imagery to help you make healthy choices, all day long See yourself making very clear and specific healthy food choices throughout your day. Experience satisfaction and control in your eating choices. Strong positive research support for this kind of detailed and focused imagery.   [...]