Five Retirement Surprises

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Are you kidding me? I took the quizzes, read the research, ran the numbers and did the math. But these five things still caught me by surprise. 1. “Honey-Sweetie-Dear” When younger adults start to smile and “pat you on the head” with their words, you have reached the land of “sweet [...]

Six Tips for Healthy Sleep

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Healthy sleep is absolutely necessary for a healthy mind and body.  But your body can’t sleep if your brain is “running on empty.”  Give your body what it needs so you can have the healthy sleep you need. Eliminate (or limit) alcohol. Yes, alcohol puts you to sleep - but then it wakes you [...]

What Makes Me Not A Buddhist

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There was a time when I thought maybe I was a Buddhist. I love what we do at meditation conferences, and most of those speakers talk about Buddhism.   We meditate, and we let go of suffering – our middle-class, first-world version of “suffering”, anyway.  We spend time awash in compassion - self-compassion, mostly, but also compassion [...]