Guided meditations help you focus your mind and quiet your heart. Like walking with a friend who knows the way, guided imagery provides comfort and support as you begin this new journey.

Pathway to Pain Relief

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Deep relaxation releases streams of healing biochemicals in your brain and body. Your muscles relax, you have a rest from pain, and your body can begin to heal. This guided meditation is filled with healing imagery to comfort your body and support you as you deal with chronic pain. Guided meditations calm and [...]

Your Healthy Self: Guided Imagery for Healthy Habits, Healthy Weight

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This guided meditation will move you into deep relaxation.  There in that deeply relaxed place, the healing imagery can strengthen and support your healthy self. Discover your beauty and wisdom. See yourself strong and satisfied, living at your healthy weight, nourished and full. Live a healthy life. Become the person you were always meant [...]

Choose Your Day – Brief Imagery for Healthy Choices

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Brief guided meditation and healing imagery to help you make healthy choices, all day long See yourself making very clear and specific healthy food choices throughout your day. Experience satisfaction and control in your eating choices. Strong positive research support for this kind of detailed and focused imagery.   [...]

Using Guided Imagery for Healthy Weight

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Guided meditation allows you to move into deep relaxation, opening your mind and body to the healing imagery that will allow you to strengthen your ability to make healthy choices, and achieve and maintain your healthy weight.  This brief introduction gives you an overview of the process.