The Easy One-Two-Three of Automatic Writing

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Automatic writing is a simple, fast, and effective way to reduce anxiety.  Writing takes the anxious thoughts that are stuck circling in your deep emotional brain and moves them on through, allowing your cognitive brain to give you distance and perspective.  Automatic writing doesn’t change the outside world, but it does change how [...]

Are You “Home Alone?”

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The home in your heart…where mind and body touch one another. If you had a stressful, disconnected, even traumatic life as a child, you lived with a constant flow of stress bio-chemicals. That caused your brain to build more pathways to send and receive those biochemical stress messages. Your brain became “hardwired” for [...]

Do Something New (First You Breathe)

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Remember this? “If you always do what you always did… You’ll always get what you always got.” I’ve known that, even taught it, for years.  But lately I realized something.  Sometimes – not always, but sometimes –I fool myself into thinking I’m doing something new, something different, when really, I’m doing what I [...]

Better Memory in a Younger Brain (No Matter What Your Age)

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How has your memory been lately?  As good as ever?  Remember names easily?  Find the word you want quickly? The hard truth is, as you get older - probably not.   Loss of brain cells starts in adulthood, and by the time we’re 50, we’re losing 1% of our brain each year.  And [...]

Because Meditation Can Take You Further

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I’m not really a computer person - I’d actually rather read.  So why do I struggle to decode computer jargon, wrestle with recording programs and risk crashing the whole site when I mess up?   Because I know something important, and I want to share it. Here's the bottom line:  Stress causes damage.  It [...]

Money for Travel – 3 Steps to Get You on the Road, Fast

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Some people live paycheck to paycheck.  I live trip to trip.   The world calls my name, and I love it.  Places I’ve never been, exotic places with unpronounceable names.  Water so clear you can see the shadow of the boat, rippling on the sand at the bottom of the sea.  An ancient walled [...]

5 Great Reasons to Try Guided Meditation

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Guided meditation brings deep relaxation. Healing imagery is most powerful when you're deeply relaxed. And good things happen. Here are 5 great reasons for you to try Guided Meditation with healing imagery. Great Reason #1: Repair the negative effects of stress on your health You know stress causes physical health problems, and you know [...]

Seven Tips for Managing Arthritis

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Having a medical condition can make us feel powerless.  Our body stops doing what it should, and starts doing things it shouldn't.  We get frustrated when no one can fix the problem.  And underneath it all, it's scary. You can't totally control your body, that's for sure.  But more and more, research is [...]