Hygge Heart

Do you hygge?

I’d had some vague awareness of hygge for a while – I’d seen a book at the airport, ran into the word on the internet – but I didn’t trust it. It sounded like some tricky hipster fad – and besides, who could pronounce it?

But as I listened to The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living on my new Scribed app, I realized that in some ways, hygge is exactly what I mean by “the home in your heart”. Discovering hygge was a lot like coming home for me!

So, what IS hygge?

Well first of all, if we’re going to talk about it, we need to be able to say it. It’s pronounced “hue-guh”, and if you talk like the Swedish Chef character on The Muppets, you’ll get it pretty quickly. Hygge is the experience of cozy and warm, soft, comfortable and safe. Especially safe, both physically and emotionally.

You can hygge alone, snugged up in your most comfy jammies with a cup of hot cocoa, drowsing in front of the fireplace on a snowy evening. Or you can hygge with friends, sharing food and laughing by the campfire, or just being quiet together, sipping your drink as you listen to the sounds of the night.

Whether you’re alone, or with friends, hygge is belonging, being right where you want to be, warm and safe, fully present, right now.

Do you have hygge in your life? Where is your best hygge space? Who are your most hyggelig people?

Sitting on my couch with my grandkids, reading together, is hygge for me. That quiet time on Christmas Eve, when the grown-ups finally get to sit and rest, telling stories from the day over a glass of wine, in the soft lights from the tree – that’s hygge. Experiencing God’s presence in meditation, I am filled with the deepest hygge of all, hygge that grows from my trust in the forever safety of God’s love.

In fact, the goal of my life is to be a hyggespeder – a spreader of hygge! On the website you’ll find ways to experience hygge from the warmth of meditation, or discover new ways to deepen the safety and comfort of your inner world.

If you want, you can even borrow my hyggesokker. They’re fleece lined, with multi-colored reindeers. They’ll will give you a great start on a really hyggelig evening.

I wish you warm and safe, loved and protected, and belonging.  Now, and always.

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