The Path to Your Happy Endings

Do you have trouble seeing the way to a “happy ending” for the situations you’re in?  In your work?  Your home?  Your life?  Is it time to build a new path to your happy ending?
You can build a path to your happy ending by actively seeing yourself living your everyday life in a fresh new way.  Interacting differently.  Perhaps eating differently, or saving and spending differently.  Or maybe just recognizing, valuing and cherishing the good you already have in your life.  Trying something new is a happy ending of its own, even when it turns out differently than you expected when you do it in real life.  You can try again, learning new things and making progress each time.Path to happy endings
True happy endings grow from changes within us – from awareness of new possibilities, from recognizing and responding to new signals in others, from walking new pathways.
We recognize, we practice and we live new possibilities.
Say you feel uncomfortable in social situations.  And because of that, you tend to dread them, even to stay away from new places, new people.  Visualizing your “happy ending” is seeing yourself doing things differently.  Not being the star of the party – that’s a fantasy escape.  But seeing yourself actually going to the party.  Seeing yourself talking to someone, focusing on that person – seeing the color of their eyes, hearing the pitch of their voice.   Perhaps seeing the two of you laughing about something – having fun.  Seeing yourself discover and value someone else as a person.
We nurture our new endings with focused guided imagery.  Guided imagery practice makes it easier to do the real thing.   Just start with a few minutes of breathing focus, and then allow the images to form.  You’ll be surprised how your mind can take it from there.  If you want more guidance for your practice, try a guided meditation, and practice living in fresh new ways.  It’s fun.  And it’s totally do-able.
Not every ending of every situation in real life can be “happy”, in the simple sense most of us think of first.  Pain happens in all our lives.  Yet in a deeper sense, even in a difficult situation, we can envision and move toward a new “happy ending”.
For instance, say you find a lump.  One happy ending is that you get it checked out and it’s nothing.  That’s certainly the preferred happy ending!  But another happy ending is that you get it checked out, live through bad news with dignity and engage in treatment with courage, opening your heart to new levels of meaning, connection and love.
That’s the happy ending you can control. 
I thank God that the issues we face are generally much easier than that.   Seeing the happy ending is usually no more difficult than recognizing the new path your heart wants to take, and beginning the new thing that needs to be born in your life.
Can you see yourself acting differently – more robustly, more lovingly –  in the very situations you struggle with each day?  If you can’t see it, then you can’t do it.  It’s that simple.
Build your new pathway.  See it, recognize it, make it your own.
Discover the joy of your own happy endings.
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